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    A Message from Our Towne Chairman Dan Eck

    Tuesday, August 26th has been designated as Founder's Day in Mechanicsburg, this is because many of the official events such as measuring lots, creating the Plat map and recording this information with the County, occurred in August 1814.

    To celebrate these events, all available bells in town will ring at 6 pm on August 26th. Immediately thereafter, our Mayor will lead a ceremony at the center of town, to once again measure off the center square.

    Then, from 6 pm to 8 pm that evening, we are encouraging all local businesses to remain open, reopen, set up a booth or tent, or otherwise have a presence downtown. We would also most certainly like to see those local businesses without a permanent downtown location to consider setting up a temporary station (booth, tent, etc.) for the evening.

    We also ask that you consider offering specials that include 1800's-era products or pricing, or simple creative signage suggesting such products. In planning meetings, ideas included 10 cent tooth pulls "while you wait" by Jessica, bottles of "Elixir" at the pharmacy, treatment with leaches from Ellen, etc. Of course, we hope this is an opportunity to sell your regular products at 2014 pricing.

    Celebrating our Bicentennial is an opportunity that only comes around...well, not very often. As such, we hope you are excited and willing to remain open, and consider ways to have fun with this event.

    Tuesday was chosen in part because of the Farmer's Market, which already draws patrons downtown. We will promote this event in The Telegram, on Facebook and other outlets as a Village Shop Hop, and have asked the School to announce this event, on what will be the first full day of school in Mechanicsburg. We are arranging music and other entertainment for the evening as well.

    If you have any questions, or would like to share your plans for participating, please contact me as provided below.

    Thanks for your consideration and participation!

    Dan Eck
    2014 Our Towne Mechanicsburg Chairman
    (614) 579-2120 (call/text)


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